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How gracious can a place be? We believe it could well extend beyond the boundaries of your imagination, if it reflects what you can call the heaven above. Signifying a peaceful setting and inviting calm days and blissful nights. Mayfair is located perfectly in a posh location amidst the greens. Somewhere Flats in C-Scheme Mayfair waves creates ripples around you. You can feel the excitement; hear to happiness and watch brilliance flourishing at this idyllic location.
Welcoming perfection to life, the Mayfair spot is something you can’t ignore even within the closed doors of your abode. Mayfair would prove to be a pivotal move towards creating that ever missing work life balance for you. A Residential Apartments for sale in Jaipur that has almost every important commercial hub of the city on an equidistant reach and is well connected to provide you hassle free commutation. Life turns even more exciting when you are surrounded with minute to large epitome of excellence. Such is the way Mayfair has been built with everything selected and crafted ensuring flawlessness in your everyday moments.

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Prominent location, premium lifestyle, Mayfair sums up all your desires! Live a dream realized and love every moment.

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The only Super Luxury Flats in Jaipur which is situated in the heart of the city that has pure elegance create confluence of life experiences that befits an evolved lifestyle perfectly.

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With absolutely impeccable service standards and creativity envisioned environments. The perks of international standards, a celebrity lifestyle and the best of everything that your dream home would have to offer is all here.

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Amidst this effervescent and flawless paradise you will find your own utopia. The mesmeric creation of Upasna group will leave you spellbound; it’s a world of unimaginable luxury.

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One of the city's finest places to live is Upasna Mayfair; a Premium Luxury Flats at C-Scheme not only elevates your lifestyle statement to a fortunate level, much rather it also comes forth as a promise for your anticipated style.

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   House, B-70, Rajendra Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-302015 (Raj.)
  +91 93145 00005

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  Upasna Mayfair, G-1, Jamna Lal Bajaj Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur 302001 (Raj.)
  +91 93145 00005

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