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Built-up vs super built-up area

Built-up vs super built-up area

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Built-up vs super built-up area

Before buying real estate in Jaipur, it’s important to know what each area stands for!

The carpet area of 3 BHK Flats, is also known as the net usable area. It is the total floor space of a certain unit that a carpet can cover. How far apart the interior walls are. The carpeted area would consist of the entire house or apartment, including all bedrooms, living rooms, and stairwells. The outside and interior walls, patios, common areas, etc. are not included.

Built up area

The built-up area of 3BHK flats is the sum of the carpet area and the area of both the exterior and interior walls. If there is an exclusive terrace, then that too is in it. The built-up area comprises around 70-80% of the super built-up area.

Calculating Built-Up Area

Before buying flats and apartments in Jaipur, always make sure of the Built-up area. The total built-up area of 4 BHK flats includes the floor space, interior, and exterior wall space. Built-up area= Carpeted Area + Walled Areas + Outdoor Spaces + Private Hallway

Super built-up area

Buyers are typically charged a premium for the flats and apartments in Jaipur based on the super built-up area, also known as the saleable area.

The total square footage of the real estate in Jaipur includes both private living space and shared facilities.

It does not factor in the size of fences, driveways, parks, playgrounds, or septic systems.

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The “Loading Factor” of all luxurious apartments in Jaipur is the percentage of the total carpet surface. It represents the proportionate share of common areas, and it is often in the range of 25% to 60%.

A property’s “built-up area” includes the space occupied by the carpet, balcony, exclusive corridor, etc.

As well as the height of the building’s walls. Whereas a property’s “Super Built-up Area,” includes the space occupied by the exclusive built-up area as well as the space occupied by the building’s common areas.  Like the elevator lobbies, corridors, staircases, clubhouse, gardens, etc.



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